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Products We Love

I cook on Traeger pellet grills and love the versatility it provides. From low & slow smoking to wood-fired pizzas, the Traeger can do it all. 

We love Yellowbird condiments as their hot sauces have amazing tastyness and versatility. You can use it as a binder, to spice up tacos, or put it on your favorite sandwich. 

We partnered with TojaGrid to create the awesome backyard grilling area that is the home to our outdoor kitchen. Super smart and easy to use, the TojaGrid makes it possible for even the most amateur homeowner to build a pergoal in a weekend. 

ANOVA makes an amazing SousVide machine that we often use to get proteins and vegetables to the perfect cook. Their new cooking vessel and vacuum sealer are compact, efficient and awesome. 

Snake River Farms was founded in 1968 and produces incredible American Wagyu, USDA Prime dry aged beef and other products. We are consistently impressed by their customer service and the incredible quality of their meat!

These are truly the best tortillas we've ever had. They come fresh and uncooked, and with a hot frying pan and a few minutes, you have the ideal vessel for all things BBQ, Mexican and otherwise. 

Truff Hot Sauce is a decadent, delicious addition to any meal. We like to use it as a binder and also a topping- it's salty, spicy and super tasty. 

DogHouse Forge from Florida creates amazing handcrafted knives and cutlery. Nothing more impressive than a gorgeous knife cutting through a perfectly-cooked steak. 

MAC Cutting Boards are handmade wood cutting boards and accessories created from re purposing and upcycling scrap hardwood sourced locally. They create beautiful, customized products that will last a lifetime. 

In addition to partnering with Spiceology to create my line of seasonings, they provide a huge selection of spices and rubs that will help make your cooking more delicious and creative

Outer Limits Hot Sauces are a tasty spin on peppery sauces. We use them as binders and toppings on lots of dishes. 

Using Cambro containers has made prep and cleanup a breeze, and has reduced our waste by a lot. Instead of aluminum foil and pans, use Cambro pans for marinading, resting and storing. 

Gloves make prep and serving a breeze. It helps keep cross contamination from happening.

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