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Cast Iron Salmon

When we were out on our RV adventure in a CruiseAmerica RV, we took advantage of the time to make some fun meals that we might not normally make at home. One night we made cast iron salmon. We love to cook fish and wanted to cook it differently and this was the perfect dish. Having a kitchen (along with hot running water) in the RV made cooking fresh fish less intimidating (easy for cleanup!) and cooking the fish outside afforded us the chance to enjoy a beautiful evening with family and friends. Literally, the chance to spend time with ones you love, in nature, while still having some necessities of home, was so perfect. We loved our CruiseAmerica experience-- the RV was spacious and well-appointed and gave us the chance to cook some gourmet meals on the road. We can't wait to do it again!

We went with a cast iron pan for the cook. This was done to get the skin nice and crispy and get some different flavors.


Salmon Filet

Favorite rub for salmon

A dash of olive oil


To get the nice crispy salmon skin, let the salmon dry out for about half an hour skin side up in the fridge.

When this is happening it is a great time to heat up the cast iron.

I heated my cast iron up to about 350 degrees.

I seasoned the meat side of the salmon first with a dash of olive oil and then seasoning and put the lemons on top.

For the cook I added a little olive oil to the pan and then added the salmon skin side down. After about three to four minutes flip over your salmon. Before flipping, I placed the lemons on the edge of the pan so they could get caramelized.

After flipping, cook until your salmon reaches desired temperature. I like to pull my salmon around 130 degrees.

Serve with your favorite sides.

On our next Cruise America adventure we will be cooking this again.